Key Features

01. Clip & Roll System

Its easy-to-use folding system allows you to deploy it quickly, without hassle or extra tools. You can focus on your paddle passion without wasting time. Moreover, the LINED can be stored in a compact bag, making it easily transportable in your car, public transport, or even on a plane.

Fold it
Clip it
Roll it

02. Drop-Stitch Technology

Thousands of polyester filaments connect the two outer layers of reinforced PVC on the SUP. When inflated under high pressure (15 psi), these filaments tighten and make the board stiffer; this is the secret of Drop-Stitch technology. Wattsup pays particular attention to the density of the filaments used in its boards. Thanks to this new Drop-Stitch construction, inflatable SUP boards have become lighter and stiffer.

03. Touring Shape

With its Touring shape and perfect dimensions, the LINED adapts equally well to beginners' initiation as it does to experienced performance.

The width of the LINED provides excellent stability and makes you feel comfortable whether you're paddling on a lake or heading out to the coast.

Neoprene Handle

For easier transportation to your favorite paddling spot.

Transport Bungees

For easier transportation to your favorite paddling spot.

E.V.A. Deck Pad

Provides excellent grip for easier maneuvering in the waves.

2 Removable Fins

Slide-in type fins that easily slot into place and remove.

Ready to ride

Accessories included

To facilitate your practice, our paddles are sold in a complete pack with all the essential accessories.

Complete Pack
  • Storage Bag
  • 3-Piece Paddle
  • High-Pressure Pump
  • Safety Leash
  • Repair Kit
wattsup accessories
wattsup accessories
wattsup accessories
wattsup accessories
wattsup accessories
Lined 10'2"

Well? under the spell?


Caractéristiques techniques

SUP Lined 10’2’’
Dimensions 310 x 84 x 15cm // 10’ x 33’’ x 6 ‘’
Technologie Drop-Stitch
Ailerons 2 latéraux amovibles
Charge max. 115 kg
Garantie 1 an