01. An All-around SUP, a rigid, stable, and family-friendly board

This stand-up paddleboard with exceptional dimensions will provide you with all the stability you need on the water for a tranquil ride.

02. Drop-stitch technology

Thousands of polyester filaments connect the two outer layers of reinforced PVC of the SUP. When inflated under high pressure (15 psi), these filaments tighten and make the board more rigid; that's the secret of Drop Stitch technology. Wattsup places particular emphasis on the density of filaments used in its boards. Thanks to this new Drop-Stitch construction, inflatable SUP boards have become lighter and stiffer.

03. Designed for sharing

With a large volume and an impressive load capacity, partners and pets can comfortably share your adventure.

Capacity for up to 2 people with a total weight of 170kg.

Removable center fin

The fin of these "slide-in" type boards slides into its slot with a simple hand movement and is equally easy to remove, without compromising its stability during use.

EVA Deck Pad

In addition to the modern design of this model, our boards are also equipped with a comfortable EVA deck pad with a kick pad on the tail of the board. This raised part at the rear of the SUP provides support for easy turning in the waves!

Deck Bungee Cord

Stand Up Paddle is an enjoyable sport where you discover incredible landscapes while exercising. Extend the pleasure by loading a waterproof bag filled with drinks and food at the front of your board.

Kayak Seat Attachments

The Jelly SUP is equipped with 4 side D-rings where a kayak seat can be attached. Whether standing or sitting, the young rider can comfortably position themselves for hours-long outings.

Ready to Ride

Included Accessories

To facilitate your practice, our paddles are sold in a complete pack with all the essential accessories.

Complete Pack
  • Storage Bag
  • 3-Piece Paddle
  • High-Pressure Inflation Pump
  • Safety Leash
  • Repair Kit
Wattsup accessories
Wattsup accessories
Wattsup accessories
Wattsup accessories
Wattsup accessories
Jelly 9'6"

Well? under the spell?


Technical Specifications

SUP Jelly 9’6’’
Dimensions 290 x 76 x 13cm // 9’6 x 30’’ x 5‘’
Technology Drop-Stitch
Fin 1 removable central fin
Max Load 90 kg
Warranty 1 year