wattsup paddleboards

An inclusive range

A paddleboard that suits you 🏄

The WATTSUP range has been created to meet the needs of each user: small frames, feminine morphology, solo outings and those who prefer to share fun times on the water.

More stable, more rigid, more resistant

A quality stand-up paddles range, with a modern design, for renewed gliding sensations.

Guppy 9'
Dimensions: 275 x 76 x 12 cm

Jelly 9'6
Dimensions: 290 x 76 x 13 cm

Sar 10'
Dimensions: 305 x 81 x 15 cm

Espadon 11'
Dimensions: 335 x 81 x 15 cm

Marlin 12
Dimensions: 365 x 81 x 15 cm

Seal 12'8
Dimensions: 388 x 91 x 15 cm

Included with each pack

All inclusive formula

Complete packs,
"ready to ride"

All our paddleboards are available as a complete pack with all essential accessories. 👇

Our technology

high density

At WATTSUP, we pay special attention to the density of the fibers that make up the Drop-Stitch. With this technology, our stand-up-paddles resist better to compression and traction while offering uncomparable lightness and rigidity.

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img technologie

Tow PVC layers laminated over the whole board


Ultra-resistant laminated PVC layer.


4mm croco-effect EVA pad - central and rear kick-pad.


High density Drop-Stitch.

Dive into the world of WATTSUP

Experiences to be shared

And you? What will be your next wattsup outing?

Each of our board has been conceived and perfected to enable you to share memorable experiences with your family and friends. Whether you are a beginner seeking new experiences or a true expert in gliding, you are sure to find your match.
Discover our complete rangesuited to small frames, feminine morphology, solo outings, and those who prefer to share fun moments on the water.



Your best ally to share your outings on the water. Its rounded shape, "All-Round", carries you away thanks to its generous dimensions that translate into exceptional volume capacity and charge quality.



To help you with transporting and handling your board, all our models are equiped with neoprene total-comfort handles - one central and one on the stern. Made in the same material as for wetsuits, these handles are waterproof and particularly resistant to UV as well as products such as sunscreens.

Hybrid SUP


4 d-rings situated on each side of the paddleboard to attach a kayak seat (optional) and use it in a seated position. The rider enjoys a board with multiple use while ensuring its back is well supported.



To ensure good stability of the SUP's fin, main component for a quality ride, WattSup has thought of a system that is practical and easy. The "Slide In" type fin on all its boards easily slides in and out of its notch while ensuring a sturdy support during the ride.

To each their own WATTSUP

SUPs that have been thought and conceived for each level of experience


For your first outings on the water


You handle curves with ease


Gliding holds no secret for you


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