01. Stability and Comfort Assured

The dropstitch floor covering ensures the kayak is robust with unmatched glide quality for quick speed gains. No risk of an uneven floor slowing you down.

Wattsup Torpedo highlights

02. Drop Stitch Technology

Thousands of polyester filaments connect the two outer layers of reinforced PVC on the SUP. When inflated to high pressure (15 psi), these filaments tighten and make the board more rigid; this is the secret of Drop Stitch technology. Wattsup places particular emphasis on the density of the filaments used in its boards. Thanks to this new Drop Stitch construction, inflatable SUP boards have become lighter and more rigid.

Wattsup Torpedo technology

03. Large Storage Capacity

With vertical elastics and molle strips for interior storage, you can easily carry and secure your picnic as well as light equipment.

Wattsup Torpedo storage
Loading Elastics Loading Elastics

For easier transport to your outing spot.

Splash Guard System Splash Guard System

The bow of the Torpedo is equipped with a splash guard to keep you dry while enjoying your ride.

Fins for Maintaining Course Fins for Maintaining Course

The fins enable easy and rapid navigation with excellent maneuverability in curves.

Comfortable Kayak Comfortable Kayak

This kayak is designed for long rides with an integrated footrest and a comfortable seat.

Ready to ride

Included Accessories

To facilitate your practice, our paddles are sold as a complete package with all essential accessories.

Complete Pack
  • Storage Bag
  • 3-piece Paddle
  • High-pressure Inflation Pump
  • Kayak Seats x2
  • Repair Kit
Wattsup accessories
Wattsup accessories
Wattsup accessories
Wattsup accessories
Wattsup accessories
Torpedo 2P

Well? under the spell?


Technical Specifications

SUP Torpedo 2 places
Dimensions 426 x 78 cm // 13'9" x 31"
Technology Drop Stitch
Fins 2 fins for maintaining trajectory
Max Load 220 kg
Warranty 2 years