01. A comfortable inflatable kayak designed for long trips

Designed for water sports enthusiasts who want to venture out safely

02. Easily transportable

Inflatable kayak that is easily deflated and folded to fit into a compact backpack. Keep your gear handy, there might always be a body of water where you're going!

03. Splash protection

The bow of the Crucian is equipped with special splash protection. Enjoy your ride while staying dry even in light winds.

Carrying Handles

Once inflated, your kayak will be easily transportable with the help of the two fabric handles.

Paddle Holders

On each side of the kayak, two paddle holders allow for quick attachment using adjustable rings.

Fins for Steering Control

The fins allow for easy and fast navigation, with excellent maneuverability in turns.

Comfortable Kayak

The comfort of this kayak has been designed for long trips with an integrated footrest and a comfortable seat.

Ready to ride

Included Accessories

To facilitate your practice, our paddles are sold as a complete pack with all the essential accessories.

Complete Pack
  • Storage Bag
  • 3-Piece Paddle
  • High-Pressure Inflation Pump
  • Kayak Seat
  • Repair Kit
wattsup accessories
wattsup accessories
wattsup accessories
wattsup accessories
wattsup accessories

Well? under the spell?


Technical Specifications

SUP Crucian
Dimensions 340 x 95cm // 11'1'' x 37''
Technology PVC + Nylon
Fin Setup 2 fins for trajectory control
Max Load 180 kg
Warranty 2 years